About me

I am a founder of the group of construction companies KFK#1, which annually builds more than 1.000 comfortable flats for Kostroma citizens. Construction is my main priority. I have been participating in development of Kostroma region for 20 years, and I am convinced that we can and we have to create the conditions for happy and comfortable living.
Seklyutskiy, Sergey Anatolievich
Born: 26.11.1972. Married, three children

I was born in Fergana, the Uzbek SSR, in a family of a military. In 1978 the family came back to Kostroma. In 1980 I entered the first grade at school 28.I finished secondary education at school 23 in Kostroma.

1990 – 1995

I studied in Kostroma State Agricultural Academy majoring at civil and industrial construction. During my studies, I took an active part in various seminars, contests, exhibitions. 1993 - 1995 I had an internship in England in terms of student exchange, aiming at getting advanced experience and improving efficiency in construction industry.


I started business activity, having registered at the tax authority as a self-employed entrepreneur.


I started developing a construction business in Kostroma, Sharya, Krasnoe-on-the-Volga.

Today, the group of construction companies KFK#1 is one of the biggest and most successful firms at the construction market in Kostroma region. We construct a lot of low-rise comfortable apartment buildings in all districts of our city. Neighborhood Venice with its separate infrastructure has been acknowledged to be the best low-rise compound in Russia.

According to the results of the construction minister of Russia M.A. Menya’s visit, the experience of our company is studied in the nearby regions. In the last five years, we have built more than 6.000 flats for 20.000 people, we have given over 300 flats for relocation people from dilapidated housing and 120 flats for orphans in Kostroma region. Every year, the company builds over 1.000 comfortable flats for Kostroma citizens.


In summer 2014, our company KFK#1 bought the factory Metal Worker from Moscow shareholders. The factory is currently being reconstructed as a modern industrial park. We have created over 300 workplaces. By 2021, we are planning to create over 2.000 work positions at the efficient manufacturing of building reconstructions and materials. The total amount of tax payments is more than 300 million roubles per year.

In October 2014, the company won the building lease at the auction of Federal Housing Construction Promotion Fund for 630 ha near the village of Koryakovo, one km away from Kostroma. We are planning to build a modern satellite town for 50.000 citizens with the full infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, sports centers. Workplaces at animal and agriculture productions. Low-rise buildings with low density, a big amount of detached houses with gardens. We have got extrabudgetary funding from Russian Budget in the amount of 398 million roubles on building communications.


Throughout the years of business activities, our firm has been taking an active part in charitable acts, helping an orphanage for cognitively issued children, giving sponsoring help to Kostroma diocese in reconstruction and renovation of churches (Saint Seraphim Church and Sunday school in Malyshkovo, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Ipatiev Monastery), which has been proven with numerous letters of recognition and honorary certificates. I have been awarded an order of Kostroma Diocese twice.